Suitable for all eye shapes

Customizable from a nude effect to a very dramatic one

Wake up with perfect lashes

No damage to the natural lashes

Very good to apply

No damage to the eye

Can go to the beach and swimming pool without carrying of removing and reapplying them 

Reduced time dedicated to makeup in the morning for up to 70%


Eyelash extensions are semipermanent lashes that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes.

Because lash extensions are glued on individually, unlike strip lashes, they’re super customizable and actually look real.

There are different styles available like one by one classic lashes, Russian volume, and mega volume among the most popular. You can choose the style which better adapts to your eye’s shape, features, and lifestyle (more about this later).

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How are eyelash extensions created?

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Why eyelash extensions?

Are eyelash extensions dangerous for my own eyelashes?

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Difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes.

Eyelash extensions – the process.

Eyelash extensions – the different styles

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The eyelash extensions are applied one by one (or in handmade fans) very close to the root of the natural eyelash with the help of a specially designed glue. When we apply one by one extensions as the word says, we apply one extension on one natural lash. The right length and thickness are chosen carefully by first checking your own natural lashes to apply the lightest and greatest fit possible. That’s why after the treatment you won’t have any heavy feeling on your eyes.

Think that every single eye has from 80 to 120 natural lashes, and we are busy applying extensions on all of them. So circa 200 eyelash extensions (on average) in a full set, depending on how many natural lashes you have.


In order to make it understandable, we will divide the styles into 2 macro categories: One by one ( one eyelash applied on one natural lash) and volume ( a fan-made of several lashes applied on one natural lash).

You will probably wonder, ‘’isn’t it better to do one by one since one extension will be lighter than several ones applied on one natural lash?”

Well not really. When you go search for a pair of shoes, you will always choose the right size for you but the style can vary. The same concept with eyelash extensions. A one-by-one eyelash extension can weigh as much as 2 or 3 or 4 eyelashes applied in a fan for a volume set. So the size for you has to stay the same but the style you wear can be different!

Let me bring in some math here, because I think it is important for you to understand exactly what you are going to get when we will meet.

Let’s say your natural lashes are medium thickness, not too thick not too thin, and for this kind of lashes in a one by one set, depending on the look you want to achieve we would choose a 0.15 thickness (which you can translate in how much is the weight of the extension ).

If you want a light volume, we will pick for instance a 0.07 thickness, we will make a fan and instead of one fake lash, we will apply two of them on your natural lash. 0,07*2 = 0,14 thickness so even if they look fluffier, they will even be less heavy!

Let’s say you want a 3D set, we will then pick a 0.05 thickness and it will be 0,05*3 = 0.15 so you will get then the maximum weight you can afford on your natural lashes.

Actually, I will tell you more. When we apply one-by-one lashes, the extension has a longer portion of the body applied on the natural lash, while the fan has just the tip of the base applied on the natural lash, so you will get a wrapping effect that will make it last longer but this technology also allows to increase the number of extensions in a fan without increasing the weight excessively.

This means that even if you chose a 4D set in 0.05 it should be thought of as a 0.20 but in reality, because of the above explanation, the weight will remain around 0.15. 

Please see below a scheme explaining different thicknesses between one by one end volume lashes. 

From 0.10 to 0.20 – one by one lashes

From 0.03 to 0.10 – volume lashes


The average time for a new set is between 1h 15 and 3 hours depending on which style you have chosen.

Here below an overview:

One by one classic lashes – 90’’ circa

Volume 2-6 D – 90’’ to 120’’

Mega Volume 7-12 D – 150’’ circa

Other VIP styles – 150’’/180’’ circa


  • Easy mornings

  • Boost for self confidence

  • Beautiful and put-together look

  • Time saver

  • Best enhancer for your eyes

  • No need to buy other eye makeup products

  • No damage for natural lashes

  • Ready all time to go!


When correctly applied, eyelash extensions are totally safe for your natural lashes. Follow all aftercare instructions and the advice of your stylist and you will have healthy beautiful lashes forever. And no, you don’t need to take a break from extensions from time to time!


Here is a list of how you can maintain eyelash extensions at their best!

  • Wash your eyelashes everyday with the dedicated eyelash extensions foam
  • Brush your eyelashes every morning 
  • Do not apply oily products on the eye area
  • Avoid waterproof makeup
  • Do not use mascara on your extensions
  • Do not pluck your eyelashes
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your eyelash extensions


Eyelash extensions:

  • They are applied on each individual natural lash
  • They are semipermanent 
  • You can keep them when taking a bath or shower
  • You don’t need to remove them at the end of the day
  • They are light weighted
  • They are damage-free
  • They are customizable 
  • They last up to 6-8 weeks
  • They require infills
  • They require an expert to be removed

Strip lashes:

  • They are applied with glue on the eyelid
  • They are one- or several-time use
  • You must remove them when taking a bath or shower
  • You need to remove them at the end of the day
  • They can be quite heavy on the eyelid
  • They might cause damage to the natural lashes
  • They are customizable
  • They are one or few times use depending on brand and care
  • They do not require infills
  • They do not require an expert t be removed


  1. First 10 minutes: intake form + discussion about your desire and expectations. We define the style you will wear.
  2. You lay down on the bed:  stylist analysis of the natural lashes.
  3. Choice of the length and thickness of the extensions
  4. Cleanse the lashes + application of the gel pads to separate lower lashes
  5. Application of eyelash extensions (you keep the eyes closed for all the time)
  6. Finishing touch + blow dry + nano mister, removal of gel pads
  7. You open your eyes and have beautiful lashes




4/6 D VOLUME – NEW SET € 115




Cleansing brush

This luxury brush is the best tool to help clean the eyelash extensions. It is great for daily use and it is studied to be used with all our cleansing products.

Eyelash wash foam

Eyelash foam

The eyelash foam is our BEST SELLER and it cannot miss in every Lash addict beauty!

You can use it every day and it must be rinsed with water. Help yourself with the luxury brush and then dry your extensions with our mini fan. Your eyelashes will be thankful and will last longer!!!

Tip: you can use the foam to remove your daily makeup also on the rest of the face. This luxury brush is the best tool to help clean the eyelash extensions. It is great for daily use and it is studied to be used with all our cleansing products.

Lash drops precious line

Lash drops

The lash drops are the perfect cleanser for those who have sensitive skin and eyes.

It can be used on the whole face as a makeup remover as it acts very gently and softly on all the skin. It is perfect to keep your eyelash extensions clean and fresh.

Use it every day by applying a couple of drops on a wet luxury brush and gently brush your eyelashes from the roots to the tops and in between. Rinse with water, blow-dry with the mini fan, and brush them with a clean mascara brush. In 1 min you are ready to go!

Mini fan

The mini fan helps you get your eyelash extensions dry in no time after the usual cleansing routine.

It is USB chargeable and easy to carry in your travel bag and beauty.

Mascara brush

The luxurious mascara brush can be used to brush your lashes in the morning or during the day. 

It is super glamourous and thanks to the cap which helps to cover it from dust and other external agents, you can put it in your bag or beauty in the most hygienic way.

extra nutrition for your lashes


The classic lashes coating is specifically designed to optimize the retention of your classic lashes retention!

This coating is perfect for those of you who have to deal with water a lot, like frequent saunas or swimming, this is a real savior.


softliner kohl blue


On a hunt for a soft eyeliner that won’t damage or interfere with your eyelash extensions?
These soft liners are designed SPECIFICALLY to be used whilst having eyelash extensions!

Available in three gorgeous colours :

The black and brown liners are perfect for creating a soft smokey-eye make-up look or for a bold statement why not try the blue?
Guaranteed to make your eyes pop!

Mascara for lash extensions


This mascara is perfect for those of you who can’t get enough volume! 

This mascara is specially designed for eyelash extensions and you can still get the mascara effect without affecting your set.

Tip: Better to use for one by one classic sets

Eyeliner for lash extensions


This eyeliner is highly precise and very easy to apply. It is great in combination with eyelash extensions because it perfectly stays on the eyes all day long but it is great to remove with our eyelash cleansers.

If you are an eyeliner addict, try it out!


>> Check the pricelist here.


Our location is in The Gallery in Schiedamsedijk 3 Rotterdam, at arrival you will enter the door and find an intercom, you can type in JOHANAH and we will make sure we open for you.

Please take a sit on the blue blocks until Erika comes to pick you up.


We are located in the city center so there is a Q-park available in the neighborhood or sometimes you can find a parking spot on the street close to the location.


When is it not possible to get eyelash extensions done?

Whenever the eye is not in a healthy condition. Can be an allergic reaction or just a temporary irritation, you should wait to see your stylist until your eyes are in a healthy condition again.

I have done a lash lifting last week and I would like now to get eyelash extensions, is that possible?

Normally we suggest you wait at least 4 weeks before getting eyelash extensions.

I am pregnant and I am already wearing eyelash extensions, can I keep on getting them?

As far as you didn’t get any reactions during your pregnancy because of lashes, then you should be able to keep on wearing them. However, it is better to make sure your stylist keeps using the same products that have been used since now and that no major changes are made during the treatment aka, products, procedures etc. 

Have a talk with your stylist before you continue with the treatment.

I am pregnant, can I get lashes for the first time in this period of my life.

We do not suggest that. We do not perform first-time eyelash extensions sets on pregnant women in JOHANAH salon.

When you have delivered your baby and finish with breastfeeding, you are more than welcome for a fresh new look!

I have done an eyeliner pmu treatment a month ago, can I do my lashes?

No. You have to wait until the pmu is completely healed. Normally at least 6 weeks.

I am very sensitive to several things; I would love to wear eyelash extensions, but I am not sure if I am allergic or not. How can I find out?

We can do a patch test and check that. Get in touch with your stylist to get advice.

What happens if my eyelash extensions fall too early?

Good news here! In JOHANAH salon we have a 1-week policy on fall-out eyelashes. This means that if you have many extensions falling during the first week and you let us know on time, we will make sure we will fill them in at the soonest available spot. It is a very important condition though that you have purchased the Eyelash Foam because we need to make sure you have followed all our aftercare advice.

Can I take a shower after the treatment?

Yes you can in normal weather conditions. When there is a very hot temperature outside ( over 28 degrees) or very humid we advise you to wait 24h before getting them wet.

Can I remove eyelash extensions myself?

No please! Call us, we will make sure we do it in the safest way.

Are my natural lashes getting damaged by the extensions?

Not really. What can damage your natural lashes is:

  • Bad or inexistent aftercare (client)
  • Plucking eyelash extensions (client)
  • Applying makeup on eyelashes (client)
  • Choice of the wrong thickness and/or length of the extensions. (stylist + client)
  • Wrong application of the extensions (stylist)

I love eyeliner, can I still use it?

We are quite reluctant In applying normal makeup on the eye area when wearing eyelash extension, that’s why we have adopted a special formula designed especially for eyelash extension which is damage free and super beautiful and intense. Check the product below

If I wash my eyelash extensions, would they not fall?

No, that’s a myth   you can wash your eyelashes with the specially designed cleansing products, and you will be able to wear healthy eyelash extensions for very very long time!
Check the cleansing products here 

Can I go to the beach while wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes sure!

Pro tip: make sure you rinse them with clean water after every swimming session, then make them dry with the mini fan or a thin tissue and brush them with the mascara brush.
You can  now enjoy the beach at its best!